Facilities & Equipment

Emerson Resources' facility is strategically located in the heart of “Pharma Country,” in Norristown, Pennsylvania, at the crossroads of all major east coast transportation routes. Our facility includes formulation development and analytical laboratories, cGMP pilot plant, and specialty ingredients manufacturing operation.


Facility Information

Facility Information

46,000 ft2 cGMP compliant facility in Norristown, PA

8 class 100,000 (ISO 8) cGMP manufacturing suites

7 formulation development suites dedicated to R&D activities

DEA manufacturers license for Schedule II – V controlled substances & List I chemicals

DEA analytical license for Schedule I – V controlled substances

Temperature and humidity control

HEPA filtration with single pass air

Environmental monitoring system (microbial & non-viable particulates)

Organic solvent processing capabilities

Light sensitive product handling capabilities

Cold storage

Segregated storage for OEB 4 materials

Segregated specialty excipient manufacturing area

Backup generator – natural gas

Dedicated formulation suites for development activities enables us to provide the speed and flexibility our clients require for drug product development.

Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment

Blending1 pt, 2, 4, 8, 16 qt V‑blender
Blend MasterPatterson Kelly
1 cu. ft V‑blenderCross FlowPatterson Kelly
3 cu. ft V‑blenderCross FlowPatterson Kelly
5 cu. ft V‑blenderLiquid-Solids BlenderPatterson Kelly
Granulation / Multi-Particulate CoatingFluid Bed Processor
FLM-1Vector Corporation
Fluid Bed Processor
FLM-3Vector Corporation
High Shear GranulatorGMX.01Vector Corporation
High Shear GranulatorGRAL 25GEA
High Shear GranulatorFM-VG-200Glatt
Roller CompactorTFC-LAB MicroVector Corporation
Roller CompactorMini-Polygran PlusGerteis
SizingComil197SQuadro Engineering
20” Vibratory SieveVorti-Siv RBF-15MM Industries, Inc.
24” Vibratory SieveSweco
Extrusion / SpheronizationWet Mass ExtruderDG-L1LCI Corporation
SpheronizerQJ-230LCI Corporation
EncapsulationManual Capsule Filling MachinesProFill 100 & 3700Torpac
Capsule Banding MachineLAB-TOPSchaefer Technologies
Micro-DosingXcelodose 120SCapsugel
Automatic Capsule Filling MachineIn CapDott. Bonapace & C
Automatic Capsule Filling MachineCF72CapPlus Technologies
Automatic Capsule Filling MachineGKF 702Bosch
TabletingManual Tablet Press (B/D tooling)MTCM-1GlobePharma
Instrumental Tablet Press (B tooling)PiccolaSMI
Instrumented Tablet Press (B/D tooling)
Piccola PLCSMI
Instrumented High Speed Tablet Press (B tooling)XL-100 PROKorsch
Instrumented Bi-Layer Tablet Press (B/D tooling)Eliza-Press 200LElizabeth-Hata International
Tablet CoatingPerforated Coating PansCompu-Lab 15/19/24”Thomas Engineering
Perforated Coating PanCompu-Lab 24/36” XRThomas Engineering
PackagingInduction SealersAM-75Modular Packaging Systems
Capsule/Tablet CounterMC-2Modular Packaging Systems
Liquid Filling MachineDAB-8Filamatic
Semi-solid Filling MachineVOF-125SVanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery
Tube SealerTB3Gandus
Powder FillerNano-FillerPer-Fil
Impulse SealerTISF-305TEW
Blister Packaging MachineSepha EZ BlisterThomas Packaging
Liquid & Semi-Solid ProcessingHomogenizerL4RTSilverson Machines, Inc.
Vacuum Homogenizer MixerLM6Ekato
6 Gallon Jacketed KettleFT-6CEMarket Forge
50 Gallon Jacketed KettleHamilton
200 L Jacketed Tank with Lightnin MixerPrecision Stainless
OtherSpray DryerMobile Minor Closed CycleGEA
Spray DryerB-290/295/296Buchi
Convection OvensLindberg/Blue MThermo
Convection Ovens
Isotemp OvenFisher Scientific
Vacuum OvenIsotemp Vacuum OvenFisher Scientific
Tablet/Capsule Weight SorterAB PlusMocon
Capsule Polisher/SorterCPT 200 with SortFastCapPlus Technologies
Tablet Capsule Metal DetectorTHS/PH21NCapPlus Technologies/CEIA

Analytical Equipment

Analytical Equipment

ChromatographyHPLC (x4) with DAD (x4), RID (x1)1200Agilent Technologies
HPLC (x6) with PDA (x2), TUV (x4), ELSD (x1)2695 AllianceWaters
UPLC with PDA, TUVAcquity H-ClassWaters
GC with FID, Headspace6890NAgilent Technologies
Dissolution / Disintegration6 Vessel Dissolution, Bathless (x4)Evolution 6100Distek
Dual Pump Autosampler (x2)Evolution 4300Distek
6 Vessel Disintegration, Bathless (x2)3106Distek
SpectrometryUV/Vis w/8 Cell Transport8453Agilent Technologies
Color Spectrophotometer650Data Color
Solid State CharacterizationScanning Electron MicroscopeNeoScope SEM JCM-6000JEOL
Microscope with PolarizerDM750Leica
Differential Scanning CalorimeterQ2000TA Instruments
Particle Size AnalyzerMastersizer 3000Malvern
X-Ray DiffractometerMiniFlex 600Rigaku
OtherTOC/Conductivity AnalyzerM9GE Analytical Instruments
TOC Analyzer900GE Analytical Instruments
Volumetric Karl Fischer701 KF TitrinoMethrohm
Volumetric Karl FischerMT V30Mettler Toledo
Coulometric Karl FischerMT C30SXMettler Toledo
FTIRNicolet 380Thermo Fisher Scientific
Texture AnalyzerPlusTA Instruments
pH MetersSevenMultiMettler Toledo
BalanceXS105S DRMettler Toledo
BalancePB3002-S/FACTMettler Toledo
BalancePB8001-S/FACTMettler Toledo
Moisture BalancePB3002-S/FACTMettler Toledo
Moisture BalancePB8001-S/FACTMettler Toledo
CentrifugeLabofuge 400/400RThermo Fisher Scientific
Water BathIsotemp 228Fisher Scientific
Oven30 - 250ᵒCPrecision
Wrist Action Shaker75Burrell
FurnaceVulcan 3-550Ney