All-natural enteric release, taste/odor masking, stability enhancement, and improved gloss and appearance.

MarCoat™ 125N is a natural, aqueous solution, specifically designed to solve problems associated natural ingredients in dietary supplements. MarCoat™ 125N can be used in clear or pigmented coating systems at high solids levels providing decreased processing times and superior performance.

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Taste & Odor Masking

Seal Coating

“Bleed Through” Prevention

Stability Improvement

Moisture Transmission Prevention

Immediate Release Coating

Enhancement of Tablet Elegance


Organic Solvent Free

Compatible with Other Coating Systems

Widely Accepted, GRAS Ingredients

Provides a High Gloss Film

Improves Film Adhesion

Low Viscosity

MarCoat™ is based on a dewaxed and decolorized shellac (dewaxed orange shellac) refined in a solvent extraction process. During this process, the color is reduced by activated carbon. The chemical structure of shellac is not modified during the purification process.

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