Formulated to improve process reliability, reduce cycle-times, and fortify functionality for enteric coating applications.

PlasACRYL® is a 20% emulsion containing anti-tacking and plasticizing components that simplify the preparation of a robust coating suspension. PlasACRYL® is commonly used with acrylic polymer coating systems for tablet and multiparticulate coating applications.

PlasACRYL® is manufactured by Emerson Resources and distributed globally by Evonik Corporation. PlasACRYL®  is designed for synergistic use with EUDRAGIT® aqueous-based acrylic polymers.


Enteric coating

Sustained-release coating

Drug layering

Tablets and multiparticulates


Simplified coating suspension preparation – no high shear mixing

30% shorter cycle-time over conventional approaches

Increased process reliability

Reduced multiparticulate agglomeration


Replacement for talc and additional plasticizer

Eliminates sedimentation in coating equipment tubing

Prevents spray nozzle clogs

Widely accepted excipients

Aids in reducing tablet or multiparticulate cohesion


Anti-tacking agent

Multiple grades available

Additional Information About Plasacryl

Plasacryl T20 Evonik Brochure
PlasACRYL T20 Evonik
One Step Pigmented Enteric with GMS, AAPS
One Step Pigmented Enteric with GMS II, AAPS
Improvement of Bulk Product Flow with GMS, AAPS
Improved Multi-Particulate Coating with GMS, AAPS
Improved Multi-particulate Coating with GMS II, AAPS
Improved Eudragit RS30D Coating with GMS, AAPS
Improved Enteric Coating Articale, Pharm Tech
Aqeous Plasacryl-EC coatings Poster, AAPS