Veterinary Drug Product Development

We provide formulation development and GMP manufacturing for a wide variety of companion and large animal veterinary dosage forms.

Solid Dosage


Immediate release, sustained release, delayed release, flavored chewables, and boluses.


Powder, multi-particulates, banded, and enteric coated.

Multi-particulates & Powders

Mini-tablets, extruded spheres, drug layered/coated spheres, powders for reconstitution, immediate release, sustained release, and delayed release. Filled into sachets, capsules, or compressed into tablets.

Liquids & Semi-Solids:


Flavored oral solutions, topicals, prefilled syringes, and fixed dose combinations


Flavored oral suspensions, topicals, prefilled syringes, and fixed dose combinations


Creams, gels, and ointments

Emerson Resources is open to supporting unique dosage form and manufacturing processes. SCHEDULE A CONVERSATION to discuss the possibilities!